An accurate diagnosis is 80% of a successful therapy!

Our company has uniquely combined iris diagnosis with Hirudo Leech Therapy. Our excellent results are in great due to an accurate diagnosis.

Leech therapy is an excellent way to get started on the road to recovery. However many so called “experts“ do not diagnose the patient`s health status and instead of achieving positive results, settle for less than optimal results. For this reason, our preferred method of therapy includes iris diagnosis. This is a fast and pain- free procedure that gives an accurate picture of the overall condition of the body as a whole.

The eye is not only the window of the soul but the body as well. A well trained specialist is able to tell a lot about the workings of the body from tiny details in the iris. Trough an iris diagnosis, a Hirudo Therapist can detect the condition of the following: heart, bones, muscles, tendons, intestines, as well as the following systems: vascular, circulatory, lymph, immune, hormone, nervous, and more.

A Hirudo therapist must know the exact cause and source of the patient`s symptoms. This requires an accurate understanding of the workings of the whole body. Without this information, the therapy may cause as much harm as good.

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