Medical leeches are also used for veterinary purposes

Our pets deserve painless, harmless and side effect-free treatment, just as much as us humans do! With years of experience and significant expertise, we can help our fellow animal companions. With animals, the natural treatment of ailments and disease using medicinal leeches is a much faster process than with humans. Animals, unlike humans, seldom suffer the kind of complicated psychological problems that may interfere with healing. Therefore short-term therapy on your beloved pets can have a good long-term impact.

I have always loved working with animals. It was an extraordinary opportunity to get to know some very special patients. We are familiar with treating dogs, cats, small mammals, some large cats, horses, goats, cattle, and other farm animals as well.


Medicinal leech therapy is most effective against

  • cardiovascular problems
  • glaucoma
  • joint inflammation
  • abrasions
  • meningitis
  • ear/nose/sinus infections
  • inflammation
  • thrombosis
  • dental roots, gingivitis
  • atrophy, partial paralysis
  • sore/twitching muscles
  • bone injuries
  • nerve problems
  • scars, bruises
  • ulcers, abscesses
  • eye diseases
  • infertility
  • immune system problems
  • depression
  • internal organ inflammation
  • pneumonia
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