Hollywood’s revolutionary anti-aging weapon!

Hirudo Therapy is a bio-rejuvenation treatment that can help you defy the signs of aging and improve your health. Hirudo therapy has resurged as an effective beauty and well-being treatment after many years

The beauty industry now increasingly demands for “natural” methods for skin rejuvenation and wrinkle prevention and treatment. Our unique treatment incorporates a “bio” method whereby we help trigger your body’s own mechanism to help you heal yourself.

Wrinkle & Scar Treatment

During our treatment we apply medical leeches to specific areas of the body. During the painless procedure, the animals will inject serums into the body that are naturally rich in proteins and collagen. The injected serums reduce wrinkles and scars, inhibit the body's aging process, and stimulates cell regeneration and wound healing.

This method takes advantage of the body's own amazing ability to recover. The procedure can eliminate wrinkles, produce new cells, rid saggy and dry skin, stimulate blood oxygenation, and much much more. This natural bio method of using medical leeches bears a huge advantage. It has the natural effect of having no allergic reactions and no risk of infections during the treatment, since the treatment surface is sealed with the animal’s mouth.

After the treatment, the patient may experience red spots or mosquito-like patterns, which will disappear after a few days. The method has some real unique advantages. For the treatment of facial wrinkles, the treatment is not applied directly on the face, so there is no visible trace which would be unpleasant for the patient. The course of treatment should be repeated several times to achieve a lasting effect.

Skin Tone Treatment

Hirudo Therapy is not only good for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle smoothing, but can also improve skin tone. Beneath the skin, Hirudo Therapy also helps address issues with saturation (turgor), elasticity, and oxygen content. It is believed that the color tone of the epidermis and dermis is mainly determined by the water content of skin cells, collagen and elastic fibers of the dermis. In addition, skin tone also depends on the skin’s conditions and its connective tissue.

Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is a buildup of fat cells, which develops from a disruption in blood circulation in the capillaries. This disruption results in tissue swelling. Special cells are located in the connective tissue, accumulate in the fat, water and metabolic products.

Hundreds of biologically active materials can be found in medical leech saliva, like hyaluronidase and lipase, which are key to cellulite treatment. The hyaluronidase disassembles the connective tissue, and lipase breaks down the fat tissues. The bioactive substances that are found in the saliva of the leeches have been found to improve blood flow in the tissues. These bioactive substances strengthen and restore the lymphatic system.

Hirudo Therapy takes a whole body approach with cellulite treatment. The medical leeches are strategically placed for treatment to not only address the surface, but also to address the nature of the diseases associated with cellulitis as well. It is necessary to include those areas of the treatment process in order to help the whole body to clear. Cellulitis develops due to hormonal changes. Therefore, treatment of the endocrine system must be addressed for a lasting effective treatment.

Hirudo Therapy is a holistic treatment for the body. We try to not only treat the surface issues like wrinkles, acne, and cellulite, but also aim to address the root cause of these effects. By improving capillary blood flow in the tissues, accelerating the formation of collagens, cells are cleansed and hydrated, which will in effect, improve skin conditions.

Other Conditions That Can Be Treated with Hirudo Therapy

The bio method of using medical leeches can successfully treat many conditions, because it works by addressing underlying causes like blood circulation and immune/metabolic system disruptions. Hirudo Therapy helps increase blood flow, which can also aid with hair growth, joints, and muscle pain. Your different body parts, like your hands, feet, abdomen, back, etc., can provide clues as to the condition of your immune and metabolic system. Eczema, acne, blotchy skin, fungal problems, and other similar cases are curable through leech treatment, since they result from bigger issues with your gland systems that you may not be aware of.

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