About Hirudo Therapy

Leech therapy has a long history dating back thousands of years. In Hungary during the latter five decades leech therapy, along with many other natural cures, spiraled into oblivion. Middle-aged people living in rural areas may still remember how their grandparents used different leeches to cure themselves as the now forgotten treatment was previously commonplace.

Luckily, more and more traditional medicines and cures are once again coming to the forefront as more aware and health conscious people search for an alternative to modern medicine. People are losing trust in modern medicine because of the many side effects it bares, and also because of some of the questionable ethics of pharmaceutical companies. As a result, many have turned to the ancient knowledge of traditional methods. Thus, natural medicine is once again blooming. Many doctors are retraining themselves to learn how to heal the patient more holistically and effectively with the use of natural treatments.

This rekindled interest in natural and holistic treatments explains the growing interest in leech therapy. Many people don't just want to get healed but also want to learn the craft as well. There are established universities, especially in Russia, where those who are interested can receive professional training, or where a seriously qualified and experienced professional can learn how to safely perform the therapy within a few months. Those enrolled in these university courses learn how Hirudo therapy is in a constantly evolving state just like all other disciplines and sciences.

We would like to warn all those that are interested in the "crash" courses available online and advise against practicing Hirudo therapy without thorough training for it can lead to misapplications and be dangerous.

During my practice, I have often come across the belief that anyone can do Hirudo therapy. Through the power of the internet, self-proclaimed experts/healers without extensive experience or training encourage neophytes to treat themselves at home with leeches. Those who believe this explain that back in the earlier days, peasants were able to treat themselves with leeches. However, it is worthy to note that peasants of the past were a lot more knowledgeable about plants and animals as opposed to modern man.

We strongly advise that you not try to healing yourself blindly and without extensive training. Hirudo therapy is a highly effective and powerful treatment when applied correctly, but can pose serious consequences when applied incorrectly. Just like how you simply don't grab serious surgical equipment and start performing an operation on yourself, please carefully consider the consequences of practicing Hirudo therapy without proper training.

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